Who we are ? – mobile

Established in 1996 with the belief that a simple smile can change the world, NAMUN Group is a cultural organization committed to the idea that everyone can make a difference. Our guiding principle, “Each Can Little,” inspires us daily. Rooted in the realms of culture, music, and education, we see culture as an indispensable industry for sustainable development.

As visionaries, we are firm in our conviction that culture has the power to make life more beautiful and enjoyable for all. Our mission is to convey a positive and constructive message through our activities and projects, contributing to the evolution of our planet, with a particular focus on the African continent.

NAMUN Group is structured into distinct entities, each playing a vital role:

1. NAMUN Music – Management and Production

  • Nurturing talent and contributing to the music industry, we manage and produce diverse musical projects.

2. NAMUN School – African Music School

  • Committed to education, our school focuses on African music, aiming to pass on rich cultural traditions to the next generation.

3. NAMUN Event – Event Production and Organization

  • We specialize in creating and organizing events, adding vibrancy to cultural landscapes.

4. NAMUN Media – Communication and Audiovisual Production

  • Through effective communication and audiovisual production, we amplify our positive message and engage with diverse audiences.

While our primary focus is on Africa, with a special emphasis on the Republic of Guinea in West Africa, we have on-the-ground counterparts, NAMUN Group Guinea, and the Folothesource Foundation.

NAMUN Group Guinea shares similar objectives to our European counterpart, focusing on:

  • NAMUN Event – Event Production and Organization
  • NAMUN School – Music and Cultural Education
  • NAMUN Fashion – Fashion Creation and Production

In addition to our core activities, the Folothesource Foundation undertakes humanitarian projects. These include constructing wells to provide water in Africa, supporting hospitals, promoting education, and ensuring access to nutrition.

Join us in our journey as we use culture as a catalyst for positive change. At NAMUN Group, we believe in the transformative power of music, education, and culture to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.